Agile 2014 in Orlando

January 2, 2014

Folks, just a quick heads up to get this on your radar. In late July and early August 2014 the Agile conference is on in Orlando – this is, in my opinion, the biggest and best Agile conference in the world. Lots of newbies and lots of experienced people come together to learn from one another and push forward the software development industry.

Rahul Ganjoo, my co-conspirator at Twitter, and I have submitted a talk. I’ve also submitted a talk on actionable metrics for an agile enterprise. If you plan on presenting you better get in quick as the deadline for submissions is January 14.


Muldoon’s Top Posts of 2013

December 26, 2013

A quick look back over 2013 to see what posts and tweets were most popular. This will help me prioritise my blog backlog for 2014.

  1. Using the Epic workflow in JIRA, the follow up to earlier favourite Visualising Epics and Dependencies in JIRA with GreenHopper and JQL Tricks
  2. JIRA for Agile Teams, a course to help agile teams which are new to JIRA get started.
  3. Moving WordPress sites from Dreamhost to Linode, a surprise hit. I guess a few folks are moving off Dreamhost.
  4. Agile Metrics, Velocity is not the Goal, a write up on a super Agile 2013 talk by Michael (Doc) Norton of Groupon.
  5. Technical Debt meets Agile, a write up on a brilliant Agile 2013 talk by Israel Gat of Cutter Consortium.

Collaborating Across an Enterprise

Collaborating Across an Enterprise: Quarterly Planning at Twitter deserves its own special shout-out as it was the most viewed video and Slideshare this year.

And a few choice Tweets

This is annoying. On the T-Mobile website I could never get the PDF to display, download, or even get a print of the bill. BAH!

Workaround as below, for you (and for my future reference):

  1. Head to the Past Bills page
  2. Check the page resources and find the JSON response for pastbills (see below)
  3. Take the billStatementId of the bill you want and add it to this URL:[INSERT STATEMENT ID HERE]&action=true

For an example of the JSON:

pastbills: “{“pastBills”:[{“fromDate”:”Oct. 19, 2013″,”billStatementId”:”4499720298″,”amountDue”:”95.08″,”toDate”:”Nov. 19, 2013″},{“fromDate”:”Sep. 19, 2013″,”billStatementId”:”4435309747″,”amountDue”:”99.03″,”toDate”:”Oct. 19, 2013″},{“fromDate”:”Aug. 19, 2013″,”billStatementId”:”4367402855″,”amountDue”:”98.02″,”toDate”:”Sep. 19, 2013″},{“fromDate”:”Jul. 19, 2013″,”billStatementId”:”4300649226″,”amountDue”:”103.98″,”toDate”:”Aug. 19, 2013″},{“fromDate”:”Jun. 19,

From all that you get the PDF, which you can then submit to Concur for your expense report. All a bit convoluted, eh? Life.